PMO service is ideal for liner services or disponent Owners where routing is not the primary concern but where vessel performance analysis is of the utmost importance.

Detailed Performance Monitoring

With our PMO Service we provide you with analysis based on the data we receive through the master’s noon reports to drive better decision making. Our approach is to be your “eyes and ears” aboard the vessel and to proactively alert you in the event of underperformance so that you may take corrective action.

Included in this service is:

  • Speed and consumption analysis vis a vis C/P description.
  • Detailed updates via interim reports and TNM Fleetview
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In-depth Data Analytics

Our analysts are trained to dig deep into your vessel’s data to identify the potential causes of underperformance and to monitor fuel consumption. Depending on the level of service you’d like, our analysts can provide you with a concise and easy to understand analysis of your vessel’s performance vis a vis C/P criteria.

We offer a range of options for Performance Monitoring so that you can select the amount of communication and analysis that fits your needs.

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Looking for more than just performance monitoring? We offer weather routing as well, either as a stand-alone service or in addition to performance monitoring, perfect for time charterers or owners looking to provide extra support for their vessel and crew.

Additional Services and Add-ons

We describe our service as “Bespoke Weather Routing” because we provide our clients with the flexibility to customize their level of service to suit their needs.

All of our levels of service are customizable to suit your needs. For a flat monthly rate you can request any of the below additional services be included with your plans.

Off-hire reports

During a voyage the unexpected sometimes occurs. Whether due to a mechanical failure aboard the vessel, a temporary slowdown, or an unscheduled stoppage you may wish to claim Off-Hire for events which result in delays.

To help you cope with the unexpected, TNM can prepare a report detailing the off-hire period, and including all relevant details, which you can present to your counterparty.

Post-voyage dialogue support

With a cumulative 50 years of experience handling performance claims, TNM’s claims specialists are standing by to provide you with the support you need to resolve claims efficiently, expediently, and equitably.

Our claims specialists are in good standing with the Canadian Maritime Law Association and will provide you with their expert and unbiased opinion based on the latest in maritime arbitration.

AIS tracking

For our weather routing and performance analysis services we typically rely on the information reported to us by the master in their daily noon report. AIS tracking can provide an additional reference for a vessel’s position, speed and route. When providing AIS Tracking your analyst will cross-reference the master’s reported noon positions with their AIS data every 72 hours in order to ensure the integrity of your voyage data.

In the event of an anomaly or inconsistency, your assigned analyst will promptly contact you with all relevant details as well as their proposed next steps to resolve the inconsistency.


We offer several packages so you can select the level of Performance Monitoring to suit to your needs. Select the package that is perfect for you below:

PMO Vessel Tracking Lite PMO Standard PMO Complete PMO
Daily Fleet Report
Detailed Final Voyage Report
Off-Hire Reports
Post Voyage Dialogue
Pre-Voyage Estimate
Weekly Interim Reports with Cover Email
AIS Tracking
Vessel Emissions Report

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Routing plus monitoring Q & A

Yes and yes. Using historical weather data in conjunction with retroactive noon reports TNM can reconstruct a completed voyage from departure to arrival and assess vessel performance vis a vis C/P criteria.

For voyages which are already underway, TNM will communicate with the master and obtain all relevant details in order to assess a vessel’s performance from departure to present.

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